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Alienness tool is developed at ISA (INRAE-CNRS-UniCA) in Sophia Antipolis, France.
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This work was carried out by


We are greatly grateful to Ludovic Legrand for his help and his contribution.
We are particularly grateful for the assistance and advice given by Jérôme Gouzy.
As well as for his help in providing the necessary IT resources to make this application available.
Thanks to: Original Design HTML5UP, TXT Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license


This work was supported by the BBRIC network (INRAE/SPE).


Rancurel, C., Legrand, L., Danchin, E.G.J. Alienness: Rapid Detection of Candidate Horizontal Gene Transfers across the Tree of Life. Genes 2017 (View Online)

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Institut Sophia Agrobiotech, 400 route des chappes, BP 167, 06903 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, FRANCE
Publication director : Philippe Castagnone (Head of Laboratory)